Lévistra Institute of Technology (Lévistra) is offers professional training and capacity building masterclass and open-house programs. Lévistra makes it easy for senior executives, managers and staff of government agencies, corporate organizations, small and medium scale enterprises and civil society organizations to be exposed to appropriate strategies and tools to enable them excel. The institute is poised to be the fastest growing professional capacity building enterprise in Africa with focus on essential skills needed for transformational leadership.

Lévistra exciting multicultural and transgenerational learning platform. The institute also provides training and capacity building services to individuals in need of a particular competency. At Lévistra, we have committed ourselves to champion and help build competence crucial for addressing our everyday challenges. Lévistra Institute of Technology acknowledges the value of technology in all aspect human endeavor. We therefore place high premium on the utilization of appropriate of technology in the day-to-day working life of clients. We are impacting knowledge and skills to bring fulfilment to our stakeholders and promote socio-economic development.

Successful organizations know that building capacity of their personnel is critical leadership factor for achieving their vision and strategic goals. To this end, Lévistra has designed the Lévistra Strategic Capacity-building Masterclass (LSCM) for corporate organizations and individuals. LSCM equips leaders, managers and individual executives with relevant skills for high performance. The LSCM expands capacity, deepens working knowledge and improves output. Lévistra also organizes industry specific training, soft skills development, modular courses, open house programs, workshop, seminars and conferences. Lévistra also makes available its ultramodern learning centers to institutions and individuals to organize or run their own training and capacity building programs.