Overview of LSCM

Lévistra Strategic Capacity Building Program (LSCM) is designed to impact knowledge to solve strategic, tactical and operational challenges. We offer training with a strong focus on excellence in a diverse range of professional fields and interests. We provide the best continuous professional, institutional and capacity building in today's rapidly changing world.

LSCM is an accelerated learning experience that equips leaders, managers and staff of government, corporate, civil society and private organizations with practical insight and information for high performance and excellence. LSCM expands leadership capacity, deepen tactical skills and improve operational performance. LSCM programs are tailored to the peculiar needs of participants. The content of LSCM include discourses by experience practitioners and researchers as well as one-on-one coaching, collaborative learning through group work, personal project and case studies.

LSCM facilitates both personal and organizational transformation by enhancing leadership development, change management, stakeholder engagement, innovation, design thinking, and operational management. Through exposure to best practices, research findings, case studies and coaching, participants build new approach that integrates functions, improves skills, and drives collaboration and result across their organization. Individual participants benefit with better understanding of their leadership strengths, improved personal management skills and operational capabilities. Likewise, organizations also extremely benefit as they get broader outlook of their issues while deepening their talent pool.

LSCM Faculty

Lévistra Strategic Capacity Building Program (LSCM) is developed and facilitated by faculty who are widely recognized as experienced practitioners, respected professionals, skillful educators and groundbreaking researchers. Through their extensive working knowledge, consulting services and teaching experience, our faculty leverages their expertise to help participants to explore best practices to develop enduring concepts to drive their individual goals and steer their organizations to success.

During the course of the program, the faculty also shares diverse perspectives on strategies, ideas, opportunities and experiences. These insights enable participants to develop a vast pool knowledge which they can easily explore to develop appropriate solutions to overcome most challenges. This broadens participants knowledge and increases their confidence. LSCM’s faculty provide organizations and individuals with clear direction for improving performance as well as competent network of coaches to turn to for help at any point in time.

LSCM Learning Model

Lévistra Strategic Capacity-building Program (LSCM) is shaped by our commitment to develop practical, innovative, technological and timely learning program to promote professional, organizational and national development. Participants are exposed to an in-depth enlightenment that goes beyond theories. We use diverse learning skills to prepare them to exercise proper leadership and management skills to drive productivity and enhance performance. Below are some the learning modes we use during LSCM.

  • Case Method Case studies are one of the most effective methods that LSCM uses for teaching practitioners. Case studies offer unique way of learning which compel participants to analyze relevant practical issues and apply the lessons learnt into their own situations.
  • Interaction LSCM is carefully crafted to promote dynamic knowledge interchange and shared-learning among industry players and peers from diverse background. LSCM participants share vital learning resources to enhance interaction which fosters engagement. There also a number of group assignments, projects and presentations. This go a long way to help most participants establish a network of friendships and contacts that lasts a lifetime.
  • Technology Lévistra Institute of Technology boast of one of the best technologically equipped learning centers in Ghana. LSCM participants benefit from a learning environment that is endowed with state-of-the-art technology. The range of hands-on tools spans computer simulations, webcasts and videoconferencing facilities. Computers equipped with all the necessary software and access to extensive databases and proprietary resources.

The Beneficiaries of the Program

LSCM is ideally suited for busy senior executives and professionals who want to sharpen their leadership and managerial skills with very minimal or no downtime. It is also right for staff and even student who have very tight schedule but serious want to improve their performance or acquire new competency within very tight schedule. Furthermore, LSCM is perfect for organizations, institutions and associations that want to enlighten their staff, member or key stakeholders on topical issues.

LSCM has various learning areas and topics meant to accelerate professional development and performance for corporate organizations and individuals. We also organize special training and capacity building program for various industries, group and organizations. Since we are seriously concern about the socio-economic development of Ghana and Africa, we have developed an interesting capacity building programs to enhance performance and operational sustainability of individuals and groups in the informal sectors. These programs are run in the language comfortable to the participants.

Our programs are delivered around the clock seven days a week. Training normally start as early as 5:00am and end around 12:30am. We have programs that are run at lunch hours with lunch for the participants. The duration and lecture period for the various programs are flexible. We have programs that last for a maximum of 30 minutes and some that goes over 4 hours with intermittent refreshment breaks. We always encourage participants to choose time convenient to them.

The Beneficiaries of the Program

  • Gain in-depth knowledge of broader sectorial or industrial functions and develop the requisite skills to integrate these functions into an organization.
  • Introduce to new techniques and technologies for driving results.
  • Formulate a holistic approach to identifying and solving challenges.
  • Build skills for effective strategic, tactical and operational performance.
  • Shape ideas into decisive action plans, undertake proper implementation and adapt to change and best practices.
  • Build professional competency and develop skills vital for professional and career success.
  • Develop and improve operational skills and day to day working knowledge.
  • Increase leadership confidence and management skills.
  • Help management and staff to develop actionable plan to achieve organizational goals.
  • Acquire relevant professional certification to remain competitive in the job market.

LSCM Training Areas and Courses

1. Specialized Business Training Courses
2. Call Center Training & Professional Development Courses
3. Sales and Customer Service Training Courses
4. Business Etiquette, Communication and Presentation Skills Training Courses
5. Creativity and Design Thinking Courses
6. Cross-Cultural and Diversity Work Management Training Courses
7. Human Resource Management Training Courses
8. Management & Leadership Courses
9. Negotiation Training Courses
10. Productivity Enhancement Management Training Courses
11. Urban Planning, Beautification & Environmental Management Courses
12. Art, Social Services and Welfare Management Training Courses
13. Advance Business Development and Management Courses
14. Education Management Training Courses
15. Healthcare Management Training Courses
16. Leadership Development Training Courses
17. Technology and Engineering Management Training Courses